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A Comprehensive Guide to Chinese Medicine

By Ping-Chung Leung
7 Sept 2015
World Scientific Publishing Company


The Second Edition of this book is a rearranged and enriched version of the previous edition, composed of feedback and constructive comments from readers. Acupuncture is the most popular form of treatment in Chinese medicine. The theories and practice of acupuncture have been revised and rewritten to give readers a clear idea of how it works and when it is to be utilized. Botanicals, i.e. herbal medicine, form the major core of Chinese medicine practice. The potential of botanicals development is wide: from casting specific biological activities to preventive uses. Three new chapters are offered: (i) for the understanding of the biological activities of herbal medicine, (ii) the products produced from herbs for specific needs, and (iii) the individual's choice for what may suit him/her best. In this present era of information technology, readers should be guided on the use of the Internet and related areas in order to independently secure information for personal use and research needs. The last chapter is provided for this practical purpose. Since the publication of the First Edition, much development has occurred in the field of Chinese medicine. All the chapters have been updated and revised accordingly so that general readers, those looking for effective treatment, as well as those who want to serve their patients better, can have a reliable comprehensive reference.

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