Applications of microbial engineering cover image

Applications of microbial engineering

By Vijai Kumar Gupta; Monika Schmoll; Minna Maki
CRC Press; Taylor & Francis Group


Content: Aspergillus : a cell factory with unlimited prospects / Markus R.M. Fiedler, Benjamin M. Nitsche, Franziska Wanka and Vera Meyer -- Industrial production of organic acids by fungi : state of the art and opportunities / An Li and Peter Punt -- Microbial enzyme technology in baked cereal foods / Deborah Waters -- Recent developments on amylase production by fermentation using agroindustrial residues as substrates / Juliana M. Gasparotto, Rodrigo Klaic, Jéssica M. Moscon, Daniel P. Chielle, Fabiane M. Stringhini, Gabrielly V. Ribeiro, Luiz J. Visioli, Paulo R.S. Salbego and Marcio A. Mazut -- Recent developments and industrial perspectives in the microbial production of bioflavors / Gustavo Molina, Juliano L. Bicas, Érica A. Moraes, Mário R. Maróstica-JR and Gláucia M. Pastore -- Engineering applied to the wine fermentation industry / Francisco López, Alejandra Urtubia Urbina and Jose Ricardo Pérez-Correa -- Applications of plant growth-promoting bacteria for plant and soil systems / M.L.E. Reed and Bernard R. Glick -- Engineering of microbes for plant and soil systems / Kieran J. Germaine, Martina McGuinness and David N. Dowling -- Engineering the rhizosphere for agricultural and environmental sustainability / Mélanie M. Paulin and Martin Filion -- Microbial engineering for developing stress tolerance cultivars : an innovative approach / Vijai K. Gupta -- The potent pharmacological mushroom fomes fomentarius : cultivation processes and biotechnological uses / Mohamed Neifar, Atef Jaouani and Semia Elouz Chaabouni -- Amazonian microorganisms with metabolites of ecological and economic importance / Luiz Antonio de Oliveira -- Heavy metal niches : microbes and their metabolic potentials / Chih-Ching Chien -- Sophorolipids : production, characterization and biologic activity / Isabel A. Ribeiro, Matilde F. Castro and Maria H. Ribeiro -- Issues in algal biofuels for fuelling the future / Ravichandra Potumarthi and Rama Raju Baadhe -- The forefront of low-cost and high-volume open microalgae biofuel production / Navid R. Moheimani, Mark P. McHenry and Karne de Boer -- Biobutanol: an important biofuel and bio-product / Jamie A. Hestekin, Alexander M. Lopez, Edgar C. Clausen and Thomas M. Potts

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