Brain Candy: Science, Paradoxes, Puzzles, Logic, and Illogic to Nourish Your Neurons cover image

Brain Candy: Science, Paradoxes, Puzzles, Logic, and Illogic to Nourish Your Neurons

By Garth Sundem
Three Rivers Press


<b>Feed Your Brain</b><br>  <br> Tastier than a twizzler yet more protein-packed than a spinach smoothie, <i>Brain Candy </i>is guaranteed to entertain your brain—even as it reveals hundreds of secrets behind what’s driving that electric noodle inside your skull.  <br>  <br> These delicious and nutritious pages are packed with bits of bite-sized goodness swiped from the bleeding edge of brain science (including the reason why reading these words is changing your hippocampus <i>at this very moment!) </i>Shelved alongside these succulent neurological nuggets are challenging puzzles and paradoxes, eye-opening perception tests and hacks, fiendish personality quizzes and genius testers, and a grab bag of recurring treats including Eye Hacks, Algebraic Eight Ball, iDread, Wild Kingdom, and Logic of Illogic.   <br>  <br> Should you look between these covers and inhale the deliciously cherry-flavored scents of knowledge within, you will grow your grey matter while discovering: <br>  <br>• Why you should be writing bad poetry<br>• The simple keys to brain training<br>• What trust smells like  <br>• The origins of human morality<br>• Why expensive wine always tastes better<br>• The truth about brain sweat <br>• How your diet might be making you dumb<br>• The secrets of game theory<br>• Why economists hate psychology <br>• The mental benefits of coffee and cigarettes <br>• How to <i>really </i>spot a liar<br>• Why you can’t make me eat pie<br>• The benefits of daydreaming <br>• Four simple secrets to persuasion<br>• Why your barin’s fzzuy ligoc alowls you to raed this<br>• How to brainwash friends and family<br>• The science of body language<br>• What pigeons know about art<br>  <br> …And much, much more.  

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