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Chandler and Grant's Glaucoma

By Malik Kahook, Joel S. Schuman MD
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<DIV><i><b>Chandler and Grant’s Glaucoma</b></i>, now in its<i><b> Fifth Edition</b></i>, represents a timely update to one of the field’s seminal texts on the medical practice and surgical management of glaucoma.<br><BR>Edited by Drs. Malik Y. Kahook and Joel S. Schuman and with contributions from David L. Epstein and over 50 contributors, <i><b>Chandler and Grant’s Glaucoma, Fifth Edition </b></i>brings together the experience of world-class glaucoma experts who belong to a long line of surgeons trained by using the teachings of the original authors of this classic work.<BR><BR>Meticulous updating from the previous edition maintains the well-established historical teachings of Drs. Paul A. Chandler and W. Morton Grant and defines this new <i><b>Fifth Edition </b></i>as the most relevant and invaluable reference on the topic of glaucoma.<br><BR>Exploring subject areas from the mechanisms behind clinical observation to the details on treating the individual patient in the office, <i><b>Chandler and Grant’s Glaucoma, Fifth Edition </b></i>brings together the experience of world-class glaucoma experts trained from the original teachings of this book.<BR><b><BR>New topics and features in the Fifth Edition:<BR></b>• Advances in imaging of the optic nerve and retina<BR>• Updates on medical therapy of glaucoma<BR>• New approaches for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery<BR>• Over 400 images and tables<BR><BR><i><b>Chandler and Grant’s Glaucoma </b></i>has been an invaluable reference for the medical and surgical management of glaucoma for generations of ophthalmologists. This updated <i><b>Fifth Edition </b></i>builds on the teachings of previous editions, while expanding on new knowledge, making the <b><i>Fifth Edition </i></b>as relevant in the 21st century as when the first lectures were presented by Drs. Chandler and Grant.<br></div>

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