Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease cover image

Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease

By K Rajender Reddy; Graham Foster


<b>The only evidence-based book to approach viral liver disease by focusing exclusively on the clinical dilemmas encountered by hepatologists and their medical teams</b><br /><br />Although viral hepatitis is a growing public health risk around the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) views the elimination of hepatitis infection over the next several as an achievable goal. Effective pharmaceutical therapies are now available, yet medical teams caring for patients with viral hepatitis are challenged when looking for answers to specific questions in the current medical literature. The second edition of <i>Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease </i>provides evidence-based guidance for medical teams involved in diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with viral liver disease.<br /><br />This fully updated book explores developments in new treatments and new diagnostic approaches that are contributing to WHO goals of viral elimination. Brief, easily referenced chapters examine clearly defined topics, addressing the clinical questions and difficulties encountered by medical teams in day-to-day practice. Contributions by an international team of investigators and clinicians address clinical questions and issues which are seldom found in standard textbooks and online repositories. Offering practical guidance on the specific challenges and dilemmas of treating viral liver disease, this unique volume:<br /><br />Provides practical, evidence-based guidance on topical and controversial issues Addresses understudied questions that arise in day-to-day clinical practice Discusses the challenges surrounding global elimination programs Presents focused approach that is supported by current literature and expert opinion The second edition of<i> Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease </i>is required reading for practicing and trainee hepatologists, gastroenterologists, transplant surgeons, virologists, and other practitioners involved in caring for patients with liver disease.

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