Father’s Keeper: An Irish Myth, Never Before Told cover image

Father’s Keeper: An Irish Myth, Never Before Told

By Paul Heron
Sirani Publishing


Seven young adults, each from a different country, quickly learn that Irish myths and legends are very much alive. The Sirani Seven are tasked to save the world from falling to the Irish God of The Dead. They all believed their unique, superhuman abilities made them freaks, now they're the only thing they can rely on Mission #2: In France, Michael's private desires come true which he quickly comes to regret. Exhausted and afraid for their future - Michael, Sofia, Ajit, Carolina, Eduardo, Mohammad and Marcel soon find that what happened in the jungle has followed them to France. To add to their problems, Ms Mallory Couture - the French director for Mancini Corporation is determined to stop the Sirani Foundation. However, Scarlett - Sirani Foundation's #1 agent and mentor to Elisabetta's chosen seven has a personal vendetta against Couture which is about to erupt in Paris. The fear of spending the remainder of their lives in prison is what will keep them going, even when it seems impossible. Can they save the president of France and return their first piece of the sculpture without getting caught? Or will they fail and rot in prison until the world as they know it is destroyed?

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