Here's Something About General Semantics - A Primer for Making Sense of Your World cover image

Here's Something About General Semantics - A Primer for Making Sense of Your World

By Steve Stockdale


* Accessible, well-written introduction to GS principles, plus more! * Written from 13 years teaching experience. * Filled with examples, demonstrations, and explanations; over 50 illustrations. * Includes articles from the GS journal (ETC) and newspaper columns. * Thirteen pages of Notes and Sources; Index of 270 names. * Links to over 150 online video clips. * Appropriate for all learners and teachers, middle grades through university. * Learn how language and other symbols influence how you perceive your world, how you respond to your perceptions, and how you think-and-talk about your responses. The world in which we live is a world of differences. When we disregard differences, we generalize. When we generalize inappropriately, we stereotype, forming biases and prejudices. Troubles inevitably follow. We need to learn how to more critically differentiate, or discern, between what happens in our lives, how we respond, and how we think-and-talk. This book explains and applies the principles of General Semantics to promote an ongoing awareness of differences that make a difference. The book advocates an informed, open, and tolerant world view, deliberately derived from what we currently know from integrating the sciences, arts, and humanities ... without deference to dogmas, traditions, or what passes for culturally-dependent "common sense."

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