Java in easy steps: Covers Java 9 cover image

Java in easy steps: Covers Java 9

By Mike McGrath
In Easy Steps Limited


<p><strong>Java in easy steps, 6th edition</strong> instructs you how to easily create your own exciting Java programs. Updated for Java 9, which was released September 2017, it contains separate chapters on the major features of the Java language. Complete example programs with colorized code illustrate each important aspect of Java programming - all <strong>in easy steps</strong>.</p> <p>This book assumes no previous knowledge of any programming language so it's ideal for the newcomer to computer programming. Each chapter builds your knowledge of Java. By the end of this book you will have gained a sound understanding of the Java language and be able to write your own Java programs and compile them into executable files that can be run on any Java-enabled device.</p> <p>This 6th edition of <strong>Java in easy steps</strong> covers the new features of Java 9, including: </p> <li>REPL (a Read-Eval-Print-Loop) – a new feature of Java 9. This is an interactive shell named JShell, which will be demonstrated in this edition of the book. With JShell, users can quickly run Java statements. It acts in a similar way to the Python interpreter.</li> <li>How to create an Android app, as the core libraries in the Android operating system provide Java functionality. </li> <p>Table of Contents: </p> <ol> <li>Getting started</li> <li>Performing operations</li> <li>Making statements</li> <li>Directing values</li> <li>Manipulating data</li> <li>Creating classes</li> <li>Importing functions</li> <li>Building interfaces</li> <li>Recognizing events</li> <li>Deploying programs</li> </ol>

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