Learning algorithms : theory and applications in signal processing, control, and communications cover image

Learning algorithms : theory and applications in signal processing, control, and communications

By Mars, Phil; Nambiar, Raghu; Chen, J. R
CRC Press


Over the past decade, interest in computational or non-symbolic artificial intelligence has grown. The algorithms involved have the ability to learn from past experience, and therefore have significant potential in the adaptive control of signals and systems. This book focuses on the theory and applications of learning algorithms-stochastic learning automata; artificial neural networks; and genetic algorithms, evolutionary strategies, and evolutionary programming. Hybrid combinations of various algorithms are also discussed.<BR>Chapter 1 provides a brief overview of the topics discussed and organization of the text. The first half of the book (Chapters 2 through 4) discusses the basic theory of the learning algorithms, with one chapter devoted to each type. In the second half (Chapters 5 through 7), the emphasis is on a wide range of applications drawn from adaptive signal processing, system identification, and adaptive control problems in telecommunication networks.<BR>Learning Algorithms: Theory and Applications in Signal Processing, Control and Communications is an excellent text for final year undergraduate and first year graduate students in engineering, computer science, and related areas. Professional engineers and everyone involved in the application of learning techniques in adaptive signal processing, control, and communications will find this text a valuable synthesis of theory and practical application of the most useful algorithms

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