Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World: Essays in Honour of Margaret Clunies Ross cover image

Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World: Essays in Honour of Margaret Clunies Ross

By Judy Quinn, Kate Heslop, Tarrin Wills


This volume presents twenty essays by leading scholars of Old Norse which bring into focus the nature of learned traditions — both oral and written — in medieval Scandinavia and the interpretation and re-interpretation of them over time. Theoretical frameworks for understanding Old Norse literature is the initial topic of the collection, which then moves on to present recent work on Old Norse myth and society; current perspectives on oral traditions in performance and text; and reflections on medieval ideas about language, both vernacular and Latin. The collection is rounded off by a section on prolonged traditions — the transformation of local and imported traditions into new literary forms. Individual essays in the volume offer significant primary research as well as reconsiderations of key issues in scholarship, their subjects ranging widely, both conceptually and chronologically, around the twin themes of learning and understanding. Like the research of the volume’s honorand, Margaret Clunies Ross, Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World exemplifies the diversity and vigour of current research in the field of Old Norse and draws together philological, literary, historical and anthropological perspectives on the subject.

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