Lignin and Lignan Biosynthesis cover image

Lignin and Lignan Biosynthesis

By Norman G. Lewis and Simo Sarkanen (Eds.)
American Chemical Society


<br> Content: Lignin and lignan biosynthesis : distinctions and reconciliations / Norman G. Lewis, Laurence B. Davin, and Simo Sarkanen --<br/> Upstream metabolic segments that support lignin biosynthesis / Carol A. Bonner and Roy A. Jensen --<br/> Integrating nitrogen and phenylpropanoid metabolic pathways in plants and fungi / G.H.N. Towers, S. Singh, P.S. van Heerden, J. Zuiches, and Norman G. Lewis --<br/> Biochemistry and molecular biology of lignin-specific O-methyltransferases from woody plant species / Huabin Meng and Wilbur H. Campbell --<br/> Genes involved in the final steps of monolignol biosynthesis and their manipulation for tailoring new lignins / A.-M. Boudet, D. Goffner, C. Marque, and J. Grima Pettenati --<br/> [Beta]-glucosidases and glucosyltransferases in lignifying tissues / D. Palitha Dharmawardhana and B.E. Ellis --<br/> Specific compartmentalization of peroxidase isoenzymes in relation to lignin biosynthesis in the plant cell / A. Ros Barceló, M. Morales, and M.A. Pedreño --<br/> Laccases associated with lignifying vascular tissues / Jeffrey F.D. Dean, Peter R. LaFayette, Clayton Rugh, Alexandria H. Tristram, J. Todd Hoopes, Karl-Erik L. Eriksson, and Scott A. Merkle --<br/> Coniferyl alcohol oxidase : a new enzyme spatio- temporally associated with lignifying tissues / R.A. Savidge, P.V. Udagama-Randeniya, Yijun Xu, V. Leinhos, and H. Förster --<br/> Oxidative coupling of phenols and the biosynthesis of lignin / Gösta Brunow, Ilkka Kilpeläinen, Jussi Sipilä, Kaisa Syrjänen, Pirkko Karhunen, Harri Setälä, and Petteri Rummakko --<br/> Biomimetic initiation of lignol dehydropolymerization with metal salts / Lawrence L. Landucci and Sally Ralph --<br/> Modeling lignification in grasses with monolignol dehydropolymerisate-cell wall complexes / John H. Grabber, John Ralph, and Ronald D. Hatfield --<br/> Cellulose and the hemicelluloses : patterns for the assembly of lignin / R.H. Atalla --<br/> Proposed structure for protolignin in plant cell walls / N. Terashima, J. Nakashima, and K. Takabe --<br/> Template polymerization in lignin biosynthesis / Simo Sarkanen --<br/> Cell wall cross-linking in grasses by ferulates and diferulates / John Ralph, Ronald D. Hatfield, John H. Grabber, Hans-Joachim G. Jung, Stéphane Quideau, and Richard F. Helm --<br/> Improvement in NMR structural studies of lignin through two- and three-dimensional NMR detection and isotopic enrichment / D. Robert, E. Ämmälahti, M. Bardet, G. Brunow, I. Kilpeläinen, K. Lundquist, V. Neirinck, and N. Terashima --<br/> Characterization of milled wood lignins and dehydrogenative polymerisates from monolignols by carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy / Chen-Loung Chen --<br/> Experimenting with virtual lignins / Lubo Jurasek --<br/> Efficient ether cleavage in lignins : the derivatization followed by reductive cleavage procedure as a basis for new analytical methods / Fachuang Lu and John Ralph --<br/> Structural diversity in lignans and neolignans / Adrian F.A. Wallis --<br/> The biochemical control of monolignol coupling and structure during lignan and lignin biosynthesis / Norman G. Lewis and Laurence B. Davin --<br/> Stereochemistry in lignan biosynthesis and neolignan preparation through fungal reduction / T. Katayama --<br/> Stereochemical differences in lignan biosynthesis between Arctium lappa, Wikstroemia sikokiana, and Forsythia spp. --<br/> Toshiaki Umezawa, Tomoya Okunishi, and Mikio Shimada / The 'abnormal lignins': mapping heartwood formation through the lignan biosynthetic pathway / David R. Gang, Masayuki Fujita, Laurence B. Davin, and Norman G. Lewis.<br>

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