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Oriental Fortune Telling cover image

Oriental Fortune Telling

By Jinnmei Shimano
Tuttle Publishing


"ORIENTAL FORTUNE TELLING" brings to the Western reader a novel way of using cards, dice, coins, and subconscious numbers to arrive at modern interpretations of a fortune telling school that has existed in the Orient<br />for more than three thousand years. The school?Yi augury?grew out of the teachings of the book Ti King, an ancient classic of China that, according<br />to the author, was worked on by none other than Confucius himself. Oriental Fortune Telling is an English translation of Eki Saho, a popular seller in Japan for the past two years. It is a complete book in that it gives the reader a brief history of Ti, describes several methods of arriving at the right key, and finally, uses the key to unlock Yi's answers to questions involving<br />the future. The instructions are clearly written, easy to understand, and the methods of finding answers are both novel and entertaining. The Ti fortunes answer both specific and general questions, always giving a clue as to when one's pattern of luck will change. The key that provides the answers is the listing on the front and back inside covers. When the reader has reached the correct combination, he need only check this listing to find the appropriate page number of his fortune. Whether the reader is a dyed-in-the wool mystic, or sceptic, this book is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment and amusement.

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