Radiobiology for the Radiologist cover image

Radiobiology for the Radiologist

By Eric J. Hall, Amato J. Giaccia
Lippincottt Williams & Wilkins


<div>In print since 1972, this seventh edition of <b>Radiobiology for the Radiologist </b>is the most extensively revised to date. It consists of two sections, one for those studying or practicing diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology; the other for those engaged in the study or clinical practice of radiation oncology--a new chapter, on radiologic terrorism, is specifically for those in the radiation sciences who would manage exposed individuals in the event of a terrorist event. The 17 chapters in Section I represent a general introduction to radiation biology and a complete, self-contained course especially for residents in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine that follows the Syllabus in Radiation Biology of the RSNA. The 11 chapters in Section II address more in-depth topics in radiation oncology, such as cancer biology, retreatment after radiotherapy, chemotherapeutic agents and hyperthermia.<BR><BR>Now in full color, this lavishly illustrated new edition is replete with tables and figures that underscore essential concepts. Each chapter concludes with a "summary of pertinent conclusions" to facilitate quick review and help readers retain important information. <BR><BR></div>

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