Regional Oceanography: An Introduction cover image

Regional Oceanography: An Introduction

By Matthias Tomczak, J. Stuart Godfrey


`The Tomczak and Godfrey textbook on regional oceanography is particularly appreciated... The chapters focus on ocean climate issues but provide a basic appreciation of regional oceanography that will serve all those interested in the ocean...While thetextbook is geared to the undergraduate, it contains enough detail for the professional oceanographer and graduate student.' Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 'It is an excellent text for both students and researchers seeking a descriptionof ocean physics and I have no hesitation in recommending it ... Tomczak and Godfrey present a description of the oceans which is built on a minimum, yet sufficient, set of physical and mathematical rules ... The standard of presentation and editing ishigh throughout this book ... The book is extremely well researched' - Australian Meteorological Magazine 'an excellent book for both the beginner and professional climatologist who needs to know about the ocean.' - International Journal of Climatology

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