Risk and Reliability Analysis - A Handbook for Civil and Environmental Engineers cover image

Risk and Reliability Analysis - A Handbook for Civil and Environmental Engineers

By Singh, Vijay P.; Jain, Sharad K.; Tyagi, Aditya
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


When it comes to the planning, design, construction, and management of engineering systems, risk and uncertainty are unavoidable. The consideration of the risk involved in any situation, project, or plan becomes an integral part of the decision-making process. This book presents key concepts of risk and reliability that apply to a wide array of problems in civil and environmental engineering. The authors begin with an overview of the art of making decisions in the presence of uncertainty and then explain the fundamentals of probability that will be applied throughout the book. In the second part of the book, the authors discuss various techniques used in probability distributions and parameter estimation. A third section of the book considers different aspects of uncertainty analysis, especially risk analysis and risk management, providing instructive examples. The final group of chapters addresses reliability analysis and design, focusing particularly on the important area of water distribution networks. Ample illustrations and detailed real-life examples make this book essential reading for present and future engineers in the fields of civil, environmental, biological, and agricultural engineering, as well as the watershed sciences. <br>Content:<br> Front Matter <br>&#149; Preface <br>&#149; Table of Contents <br>&#149;Part I. Preliminaries 1. Rational Decision Making under Uncertainty <br> 2. Elements of Probability <br> 3. Moments and Expectation <br>&#149;Part II. Probability Distributions and Parameter Estimation 4. Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions <br> 5. Limit and other Distributions <br> 6. Impulse Response Functions as Probability Distributions <br> 7. Multivariate Probability Distributions <br> 8. Parameter Estimation <br> 9. Entropy Theory and its Applications in Risk Analysis <br>&#149;Part III. Uncertainty Analysis 10. Error and Uncertainty Analysis <br> 11. Monte Carlo Simulation <br> 12. Stochastic Processes <br> 13. Stochastic Differential Equations <br>&#149;Part IV. Risk and Reliability Analysis 14. Reliability Analysis and Estimation <br> 15. Risk Analysis and Management <br> 16. Reliability Analysis of Water Distribution Networks <br>&#149; References <br> Index <br>&#149; About the Authors <br>

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