Root Cause Analysis: Simplified Tools and Techniques, Second Edition cover image

Root Cause Analysis: Simplified Tools and Techniques, Second Edition

By Bjørn Andersen and Tom Fagerhaug
ASQ Quality Press


This updated and expanded edition discusses many different tools for root cause analysis and presents them in an easy-to-follow structure: a general description of the tool, its purpose and typical applications, the procedure when using it, an example of its use, a checklist to help you make sure if is applied properly, and different forms and templates (that can also be found on an accompanying CD-ROM). The examples used are general enough to apply to any industry or market. The layout of the book has been designed to help speed your learning. Throughout, the authors have split the pages into two halves: the top half presents key concepts using brief language—almost keywords—and the bottom half uses examples to help explain those concepts. A roadmap in the margin of every page simplifies navigating the book and searching for specific topics. The book is suited for employees and managers at any organizational level in any type of industry, including service, manufacturing, and the public sector. Contents: Chapter 1 Practical Problem Solving Chapter 2 Root Cause Analysis Chapter 3 Tools for Problem Understanding Chapter 4 Tools for Problem Cause Brainstorming Chapter 5 Tools for Problem Cause Data Collection Chapter 6 Tools for Problem Cause Data Analysis Chapter 7 Tools for Root Cause Identification Chapter 8 Tools for Root Cause Elimination Chapter 9 Tools for Solution Implementation Chapter 10 How to Select the Right Tool Chapter 11 Example Cases Further Reading and Additional Resources Index

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