Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics cover image

Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics

By Sarah Glaz, Joanne Growney
A K Peters/CRC Press


<P><STRONG>Strange Attractors</STRONG> is a collection of approximately 150 poems with strong links to mathematics in content, form, or imagery. The common theme is love, and the editors draw from its various manifestations—romantic love, spiritual love, humorous love, love between parents and children, mathematicians in love, love of mathematics. The poets include literary masters as well as celebrated mathematicians and scientists. <P>"What, after all, is mathematics but the poetry of the mind, and what is poetry but the mathematics of the heart?" So wrote the American mathematician and educator David Eugene Smith. In a similar vein, the German mathematician Karl Weierstrass declared, "A mathematician who is not at the same time something of a poet will never be a full mathematician." Most mathematicians will know what they meant. But what do professional poets think of mathematics? </P> <P>In this delightful collection, the editors present the view of the same terrain—the connections between mathematics and poetry—from the other side of the equation: the poets. Now is your chance to see if the equation balances. </P> <P>—Keith Devlin, mathematician, Stanford University, and author of <EM>The Math Gene, The Math Instinct</EM>, and <EM>The Language of Mathematics</EM><U><SUB><U></P></U></SUB></U&gt

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