The Film Photography Handbook: Rediscovering Photography in 35mm, Medium, and Large Format cover image

The Film Photography Handbook: Rediscovering Photography in 35mm, Medium, and Large Format

By Chris Marquardt, Monika Andrae
Rocky Nook


In recent years, film photography has witnessed a significant renaissance―and not just among those who have previously shot with film. Interest in film photography has also grown enormously among those who only have experience shooting digitally. In <i>The Film Photography Handbook</i>, authors Chris Marquardt and Monika Andrae speak to both kinds of film photographer as they offer an easy-to-understand, complete resource to shooting film. They also address today’s working climate, including such topics as the hybrid film/digital workflow, the digitization of negatives, and working with smartphones for light metering and to assist in film processing.<br> This book is intended for anyone who is curious about film, whether you need a refresher course or are discovering this wonderful format for the first time. You’ll learn how easy it is to shoot and process black-and-white film at home, and how little special equipment you need to get into film photography. <br> You’ll learn all about: <br> <ul> <li>the important differences between film and digital photography</li> <li>numerous film cameras, as well as how to buy a second-hand camera </li> <li>film formats, from 35 mm to medium format and large format </li> <li>exposure settings, tonal values, and tonal representations in different types of film, from color negatives and slides to the enormous spectrum of black-and-white films</li> <li>processing film, covering everything you need to know: equipment, chemicals, and workflow</li> <li>scanning negatives to bring your film into a digital workflow</li> <li>both presenting and archiving your prints and negatives</li> </ul><br> Working in such an “analog” medium requires a unique approach to photography, and it fosters a completely different form of creativity. Working in film can also prove to be a great inspiration for your own digital photography, as well. <i>The Film Photography Handbook</i> covers it all, from the technical to the creative, and will have you shooting film in no time, whether it’s with an old rangefinder, an inexpensive Holga, or a medium-format Rolleiflex or Hasselblad.

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