Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity. Based on the King James Bible and written from an uncompromising, Bible-believing position. cover image

Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity. Based on the King James Bible and written from an uncompromising, Bible-believing position.

By David W. Cloud


This lovely hard cover Bible Encyclopedia contains over 690 pages (8.5X11) of information. There are 5,525 main entries, 6,234 cross references, and over 31,102 verse references. Over 40 years of research have gone into this one-of-a-kind reference tool. It is the only Bible encyclopedia/dictionary that is written by a Fundamental Baptist and based strictly upon the King James Bible. It is a complete dictionary of biblical terminology and also features many other areas of research not often covered in Bible reference volumes. Subjects include Bible versions, Denominations, Cults, Christian Movements, Typology, the Church, Social Issues and Practical Christian Living, Bible Prophecy, and Old English Terminology. The Christian will be helped and fortified in his faith through this Bible Encyclopedia. This work does not correct the Authorized Version of the Bible, nor does it undermine the fundamental Baptist’s doctrines and practices as many study tools do. Many preachers have told us that apart from Strong’s Concordance, the Way of Life Bible Encyclopedia is their favorite study tool. A missionary told us that if he could save only one study book out of his library, it would be our Encyclopedia. An evangelist in South Dakota wrote: “If I were going to the mission field and could carry only three books, they would be the Strong’s concordance, a hymnal, and the Way of Life Bible Encyclopedia.” Missionary author Jack Moorman says: “The encyclopedia is excellent. The entries show a "distilled spirituality.” ----- PDF Set: Two pdf files. The regular pdf is book size (8.5x11) and it is a pdf representation of the printed book. The second pdf is an "eBook edition." It has a smaller page size and single column. The result is a larger type size on mobile devices. We recommend the mobi or epub format for mobile devices. Search/Jump to Main Headings: The eBook PDF file has dots (periods) on the main entries for better searching. For example, a search for .baptist (note dot at beginning) will take you directly to the first .Baptist main entry instead of returning all occurrences of baptist. A note about the eBook versions. The eBooks (pdf, mobi, pub) are NOT Bible study apps. They are normal searchable ebooks. There are no interactive links, pop-up windows, etc. -----

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